A Plan for Future Blogging

I’ve started roaming YouTube for videos of anything I want to do but don’t quite know how to do.  I’ve found that there are videos how to do just about anything!  I love that people document how they do stuff and upload it for me to learn from.

So, I’ve decided to find not only videos on how to fix my daily driver, but how to clean up my garage so I can have a real workshop to work on models, woodcarving, and auto repair.

This has been a real hurtle, getting my spaces cleaned up.  I’m also coming out here so that a public forum can weigh in and help make it possible.

Things that I am thinking about making from years past:

  • I had an idea about displaying my models on a Christmas tree; I’ll think more about that, but it’s a way to light and display little trinkets I enjoy having around but which clutter up my space.
  • I’ve always wanted to make a model of the Le Mans race track to play the Avalon Hill game with Hot Wheels miniatures.
  • I’ve also wanted to build a miniature replica of Cienega Crossing in Arizona, my favorite childhood spot for trainwatching.  That would be using normal model railroad supplies.
  • I want to learn woodcarving to help make a new totem pole for Camp Herms, and to model some of my favorite cars.  I got bit by the woodcarving bug when I helped my son with his first pinewood derby car.  Pinewood wheels are a great base for a car model.
  • I also went to The Lord’s Land in Mendocino and I loved all the scripture that was carved in wood plaques around the property.  I want some of that in my house.
  • While I’m at it, I would love to have a project car, a classic car I can work on and fix up.

So in general, the things I’ve always wanted to do I will publish blog posts to show my goals, progress, fails, and successes.  I’m excited!


About zyll9

Here are some topics that have recently interested me: ♥ The Enigma Machine ♦ Morse Code ♣ Fluorescent minerals ♠ The Long scale and the word milliard ♥ The 21 Spanish Missions of California and El Camino Real ♦ 3D Printing and browsing items on Thingiverse.com ♣ Le Mans and the 1955 winner, a Jaguar D-Type ♠ My huge King James Version Bible, which was printed at least before 1893 ♥ Hyperinflation paper money ♦ Silver certificates vs. United States Notes vs. Federal Reserve Notes ♣ Old Stereoscopic photographs and anaglyphs ♠ Pyramids, such as those at Giza in Egypt and at Teotihuacan in Mexico ♥ The special characters produced using ALT-Codes (ie., Alt 14 makes this: ♫) ♦ Old-style numerals written above and below the line by using Text Figures ♣ The long-s which looks like an "f" and went extinct around 1810. like "Congreß" ♠ How to play chess better, because I really suck at it ♥ Animated gifs of funny movie clips ♦ Archaeoastronomy ♣ Hiking the John Muir Trail ♠ Sighting comets ♥ My DIY Musicbox
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