Every Day Carry

I was browsing on Huckberry.com for a birthday present, when I happened upon last Wednesday’s journal post titled “Weekly Pocket Dump.”  They show pictures of items they like that were posted on the tumblr called “Everyday Carry,” aka “EDC”.  I got so intrigued by the photos submitted to EDC that I decided to follow the instructions:

  • Drop what you’re carrying, organize it into right angles, zoom out, and snap a pic. That’s your Pocket Dump.
  • List each item individually (make and model)
  • Include your profession and location.
  • Describe your carry.
  • Check any related tags.

It took a little while to look up the web links to each of the items.  What I found out is that it would cost me $1,205.20 to replace everything I’m carrying on my person.  That is much higher than I expected, given how rag-tag it all looks.  That’s not even including the cards in my wallet.


Research Administrator in Berkeley, CA

So, the phone does account for 50% of the total, the wedding ring 26%, and eyeglasses 13%.  It’s kind of sad to me that my wedding ring is only half the cost of my phone.  But to me, it’s the most valuable thing I own.  I found out it was made by Frederick Goldman.  The coin purse is also a sentimental item, an inheritance from my grandmother.

I’m not quite sure what this all says about me; but I’ll be giving it some thought.

UPDATE: My submission was not posted to EDC.  I think this is because my pockets did not represent their ethos.


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Here are some topics that have recently interested me: ♥ The Enigma Machine ♦ Morse Code ♣ Fluorescent minerals ♠ The Long scale and the word milliard ♥ The 21 Spanish Missions of California and El Camino Real ♦ 3D Printing and browsing items on Thingiverse.com ♣ Le Mans and the 1955 winner, a Jaguar D-Type ♠ My huge King James Version Bible, which was printed at least before 1893 ♥ Hyperinflation paper money ♦ Silver certificates vs. United States Notes vs. Federal Reserve Notes ♣ Old Stereoscopic photographs and anaglyphs ♠ Pyramids, such as those at Giza in Egypt and at Teotihuacan in Mexico ♥ The special characters produced using ALT-Codes (ie., Alt 14 makes this: ♫) ♦ Old-style numerals written above and below the line by using Text Figures ♣ The long-s which looks like an "f" and went extinct around 1810. like "Congreß" ♠ How to play chess better, because I really suck at it ♥ Animated gifs of funny movie clips ♦ Archaeoastronomy ♣ Hiking the John Muir Trail ♠ Sighting comets ♥ My DIY Musicbox
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