Exquisite Dead Squirrel

A journal entry from November 4, 1999:


I took the extra time on the way to BART to photograph my “exquisite dead squirrel”, whom I’ve named Frank.  My song about him is finished.  I changed the wording only slightly from the They Might Be Giants song, and I sing it to him each morning on my commute:

Ba ba da ba ba ba da ba
Ba ba da ba ba ba da ba
Ba ba da ba ba ba da ba
Ba ba da ba ba ba da ba

Exquisite dead squirrel
Lying underneath the BART tracks
Exquisite dead squirrel
I swear I saw his paw move

Exquisite dead squirrel
silently decomposing
Exquisite dead squirrel
resting on his right side

How’m I s’posed to let you know the way I feel about you?
How’m I s’posed to let you know the way I feel about you?
[Chorus ×3]

I can’t even remember when I first spotted him on the center island of that underpass, but it had to have been at least three or four months ago.  I know it was a couple months before I started talking about Frank to my friends.  He is really dead.  I think the fall moisture is starting to bother him.  I would almost miss him if he were taken away by a street sweeper.

Well, I photographed him.  Frank is preserved for posterity.  Granted, this is all a little macabre, but I also find it extremely amusing.  I could bury him someday, I suppose.  But part of me wants to know how long he’ll sit there undisturbed.

Marathon squirrel.
Olympic squirrel.
Champion squirrel.
Rotting squirrel.


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